Citrus Cleaning Revolution!

Read about the “Citrus Cleaning Revolution“. Mike Braun, the owner of CitruSolution of Birmingham, realized the benefit of citrus carpet cleaning. Now you can have a clean home with natural products that are used on your carpets. You can read this article by clicking the image below:  

CitruSolution Featured in Home and Garden for Natural Products!

Read below about environmentally-safe products that make housecleaning friendlier, including our very own CitruSolution. If you would like to free your home from chemicals and allergens that can clog the air or even cause disease, try going natural. Below you can find several natural products that can help your home be more naturally clean!  – … Continued

Fine Rug Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

We are the best Fine Rug Cleaning Professional! Our natural citrus process helps reverse oxidation which is why your fine rugs begin to look so dull and lifeless. The citrus also acts as a natural optical brightener, helping to make the colors of your rugs look more vibrant. An added benefit is that you are … Continued

Commercial Carpet Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

CitruSolution’s naturally drier carpet cleaning process is the perfect solution for commercial carpet cleaning in Birmingham, Al. Our process does not use high pressure steam, but a natural orange dry cleaning solvent. Because we do not over-wet there is no risk of glue-down commercial carpeting separating from the subfloor. Our very powerful natural Citrus Cleaner … Continued

Upholstery Cleaning in Birmingham, AL

Upholstery cleaning from my experience is the most neglected of all regular household cleaning needs. For some reason most of us just forget about it completely. We walk on our carpets and may have them cleaned once or twice a year, but actually sit and lie on our upholstery and may seldom if ever have … Continued

Free Carpet Spot Cleaner

We leave every CitruSolution Cleaning client with a FREE carpet spot cleaner. It is a quart bottle of a cleaner made with natural occurring D-Limonene, a citrus oil. This one of a kind cleaning solution leaves no soapy re-soiling residue – only a fresh citrus scent. With your FREE carpet spot cleaner you can stop … Continued

Pet Odor Removal in Birmingham, AL

Pet odor removal services of Birmingham, Alabama. We have experience with pet issues. There is definitely a science to what causes pet odor to remain in your carpet long after the accident has happened. Urine contains bacteria that remains alive in the spot long after your pets accident. To effectively remove any odor requires using … Continued